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Shelley Lubben: The good, bad, and ugly, Pt. III

Pt III – It’s time to heal. Wounded people wound other people. Most of us would be terrified if we had someone following us, recording every thing we did wrong,

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Shelley Lubben: the good, bad and ugly, Part I

Part I of III: Response to news of her death. This weekend marks the one week anniversary of the death of Shelley Lubben (1968-2019). To my knowledge, she was the

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Inspire. Heal. Build.

Every morning, typically after my quiet time, I have these (what I think to be) brilliant ideas for blogs, things I think God has given me to inspire, heal, and

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SESTA/FOSTA Law is a Win/Win

On April 11th, President Trump, signed a bill, which then became a law, enforcing SESTA/FOSTA (Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act/Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act).  SESTA/FOSTA Law is a Win/Win full

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