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Hurricanes are unpredictable

While studying for my undergraduate degree at one of the top universities in the nation, Purdue, I was required to take two Science classes for my “well rounded education”. I

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Inspire. Heal. Build.

Every morning, typically after my quiet time, I have these (what I think to be) brilliant ideas for blogs, things I think God has given me to inspire, heal, and

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Art, Horse & Jesus
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Art & Horse Camp 2018

For the past two weeks I’ve hosted Art and Horse Camp at our ranch, Eagle’s Landing (aka: Shematz Sanctuary) and I’m STILL SMILING! Art & Horse Camp 2018 full post(740

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Building Trust While Embracing the Journey

Here I am, sitting and typing on an iPad, in a wooden swing hanging under an oak tree. Directly in front of me, approximately 10 ft away, with a gate

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Attitude is Everything

It’s day 23 since my in laws moved in and I’m learning to die daily, regularly.  I understand why God had to do so much preparation in me for this

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Pray for Mocoe & Flicka, please?

Approximately 10 weeks ago, I discovered a wounded cow on 250 acres across the street from the ranch.  She could barely walk, with 3 huge flesh wounds on her, and

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