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How to Respond to What’s Happening in Our Nation

#riots2020, ©Julie Shematz 2020, 10×7″, Mixed media & collage with handmade paper on paper How to Respond to What’s Happening in Our Nation In the wake of events that are

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To those I offended … to be clear

To those who I offended … to be clear, If you were one of the persons who read my facebook post (5/28/20) and were offended, hurt, or it upset you,

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Keys to Overcoming Anxiety

Hi Everyone. Welcome to my blog. Since I openly disclosed the development of becoming disabled on instagram yesterday, I decided that I’d return to blogging to keep kinda like a

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Hurricanes are unpredictable

While studying for my undergraduate degree at one of the top universities in the nation, Purdue, I was required to take two Science classes for my “well rounded education”. I

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When the pain is severe …

When the pain is severe, the days turn to blurs. Laying in bed on a heating pad surrounded by my dogs and cats is my daily reality. I sleep countless

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God Uses Crises

Crises are opportunities to experience and know God to a degree and depth that you have never known before. -Tony Evans.  Based upon my experience with crises and trauma, I

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I struggle with chronic pain

There, I said it. Right there in the title, something I’ve kept as a secret for years. Why? Why wouldn’t I share that? Because I am constantly on medication for

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Hurt and Healing

“Don’t let the person who hurt your heart mess up the One sent to heal it! #letitgo”, Paula White.  2019, Paula White facebook fan page. Matthew 5:22 says that in

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Shelley Lubben: The good, bad, and ugly, Pt. III

Pt III – It’s time to heal. Wounded people wound other people. Most of us would be terrified if we had someone following us, recording every thing we did wrong,

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Shelley Lubben: The good, bad and ugly, Part II

Part II: Wounds in need of healing. Ten symptoms that indicate wounds that are in need of being healed:  You avoid specific places. You avoid certain people. You have made

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