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Truth is that I’m pretty resistant to the idea of maintaining a blog and being authentic to countless people, however obedience to my Lord is of highest priority to my life.

Reflecting back on the past 15-40+ years and seeing where I am, what I have and what I’m doing, I’m absolutely ASTONISHED.  God has been incredibly good to me.

My life now is a little girl’s dream come true.  When I was in third grade I remember drawing pictures of a horse ranch where my friends could visit and go riding.  The dream included an art studio, which I have now, along with 8 horses, 3 dogs, 10 chickens, with a desire to have rabbits & goats.

It was 15 years ago on 10/4/02 that I rededicated my life to Christ’s lordship.  He made a way where there seems to be no way.  He has blessed me beyond what I could have ever dreamed, asked for or imagined.  14+ years I’ve been married to a man who has literally been Jesus in the flesh to me.  He’s been vital to my healing journey and because all good gifts come from God, he the horses, dogs, chickens,  cow, the five acres we live on are all gifts from Him.

On 11/1/17 my in laws will be moving in. Steve, my husband, picked up a load of boxes today from their place.  I’ll be unpacking it this week, in addition to maintaining the ranch, and doing the marketing, development, program services, counseling, mentoring, and developing artwork for fund raising.

This is my world.  My prayer and hope that it might inspire you in more ways than one.  🙂


For day to day images of my world, the ranch, animals, art, butterflies, etc., follow me on instagram.  Photography is another expression of my creativity. Again, welcome to my world.  I hope you are inspired in more ways than just a few!

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