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Today I decided to write on priorities.  It’s something I struggle with daily as a visionary, creative, person with a huge heart to help others (including animals).  I have learned over the years if my priorities are out of alignment that it’s typically a reflection of my inner being.  When it’s in alignment, there is a sense of balance within my self.

I have to ask myself often throughout the day, “what is the priority Julie?”  As I seek to follow biblical direction on this matter, things tend to work themselves out.  What is biblical priorities?

Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all things will be added to you.  (Check out Matthew 6:33).  This scripture and others, reinforce the notion that if I take the time to seek a personal, intimate connection with God first and foremost, on a daily basis, that everything will work out.

Family is to be second and ministry third.

One of the areas I have allowed to get out of order, which resulted in problems and complexities that could of been avoided, was in allowing ministry to come before family.

It’s often easier for some people to minister to strangers than it is to their own family, likely due to a history of wounding, misunderstanding, and pride.

Pride to humble oneself for the sake of the relationship, even though we’ve been given the ministry of reconciliation.  Check out 2 Corinthians 5:11-21.

While I understand some family might be toxic and unhealthy and I definitely am not implying that if there is abuse, a person is required to reconcile, although we do need to ask Jesus to give us the grace to forgive them regardless of the level of hurt, betrayal, rejection, abandonment or abuse.

I truly believe though, that we limit what God can do with us when we choose to not put family second and ministry third as a priority.

There comes a point, or repeated times, that as a disciple of Christ, God will bring us back around to the family.  We can choose to ignore it or we can humble ourselves and allow God to use us to bring reconciliation.

Reconciliation doesn’t necessarily mean you will be talking everyday on the phone, but it does mean that you don’t have the gut twist when you speak about or hear family members names you’ve been at odds with.  It’s when you can love them like Christ does, still protect your heart, but also be vulnerable, transparent and authentic.

It’s possible, with God.  Check out Philippians 4:13.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our daily actions, there is also a sense of peace that comes within ourselves.  By spending time with the Creator of the Universe and Lover of our Souls, prioritizing time with Him, everything else does have a way of coming together … eventually.

When we are in accord, abiding in the Spirit, we’re communicating with Jesus regularly.  Asking Him what do I do next or what’s the priority will result in confirmation one way or another.

In 3 weeks, our lives will change dramatically, as my in laws move in with Steve and I.  How will this effect “my ministry”?  My ministry is doing the Lord’s will and taking care of family is biblical.  Matter of fact the bible is pretty clear in reference to the professing believer that does not care for there family.

It’s a good thing God has already taught me to embrace change.  There will be lots of changes, I am confident.  Yes, I still foresee that I’ll be ministering to wounded, broken, often abandoned and rejected of society, however ministering to this populace will have to take a back seat now to my husband and in laws.

My tendency to dive into things 110% will have to be scaled back as I look over commitments not related to the family.  It’s a good thing, due to so much therapy and healing over the past 15 years, I have no problem with saying no or establishing boundaries.

The cool thing is that I’ve always longed for a close family … I’m finally going to get it.  It’s amazing to think that God’s plan has unfolded as it has, hence why I’ll continue to embrace the journey.

The bible says there is as season and time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3).  I am looking forward, with a heart of thanksgiving, towards this new season and watching God, once again, fulfill the secret petitions and desires of my heart, just like any great father would do for his child.

What about you?  Where do you struggle with priorities?  How to do you prioritize that seemingly endless “to do” list?

Well, speaking of priorities, I have mowing to do, art to work on, horses to tend to, and a house to clean.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Know that I’m praying for you.

In His love and journey.


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