Art & Horse Camp 2018

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For the past two weeks I’ve hosted Art and Horse Camp at our ranch, Eagle’s Landing (aka: Shematz Sanctuary) and I’m STILL SMILING!

We planned for one week, but due to the turnout and request for more, we extended it to two weeks. Now due to popular demand, we’re going one more week beginning next Sunday, July 15th through Sunday, 22nd! 


This was the first time we’ve had the Art and Horse Camp since relocating to the Tampa Bay Area. We had guests rangi

ng in age from 5 years old to 53 years old!They came from as far as Fort Myers and New Port Richey. Individuals and groups from our neighborhood, schools, churches, ministries, and residential rehabilitation programs participated in specialized activities.

Our guests groomed the horses, painted Morning Star Spirit, held bunnies and chickens, ate home cooked, healthy food, and learned that they could regulate their emotions and identify lies that cause stress and anxiety. Guests were empowered working with the animals and overcame fears, stress, and various forms of anxiety. 

Guests created personalized paracord bracelets, learned to draw, paint and use mixed media, as well as, met daily for bible study, prayer, worship, and biblical declarations.

We had guests give their hearts to the Lord, rededicate their lives to His Lordship, and experience numerous miraculous healings ranging from back and neck pain eliminated completely to allergies and wounds healed, to headaches disappearing. We give all praise and glory to Jesus Christ, our Lord, for the signs, miracles, and wonders He performed as a demonstration of His power and magnificent love for us. The power of God’s presence at the ranch set guest’s hearts passionately on fire for Him with a hunger for His Word, coupled by divine, personal, rhema revelation of Who God is and Who they are in Christ. We witnessed behavioral changes from emotional, mental and spiritual healing. To God be all the glory!

A huge THANK YOU to every one who partners with us. We don’t charge anything for our services and rely on donations 100%.

Why don’t we charge? I’m often asked and explain that freely we’ve received, so freely we give.

Back when I was in need of a professional helper, I was blessed with unlimited access to a licensed clinical social worker, also a believer, who helped me work through countless lies embedded in my identity by repeated trauma from decisions others made and that I made throughout my lifetime.

Then 9 years ago, while in graduate school, I was provided with access to ride horses as much as I wanted. Later, the owners offered the horses, their barn, and five acre property to me to develop an equine assisted therapy and learning program. Two of those horses are still with us!

Freely I received, and freely I give.  I trust God to provide and He’s never let me down in the past 16 years, since I rededicated my life to His Lordship. He won’t let you down either, when you surrender your life to Him.

Would you like to have a personal and intimate relationship with your Creator, the Creator of everything? It was the revelation I received from reading the Holy Bible of who God was and how much He loved me that led me to commit my life to Him.

I challenge you to read the New Testament, starting in Matthew and ask God to reveal Himself. He loves you unconditionally, He is everything we need and we belong to Him as His children. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that if you take me up on this challenge, that He will reveal Himself to you. You will find Him because He wants you to be in relationship with Him so much that He sent His only Son to die for your sins, so that you could be reunited with Him.

How did you come to know the Lord? I’d love to know. And for you reading this, wondering, searching, contemplating if this is possible, let me know how your journey goes … I encourage all of you to #embracethejourney. Oh, and I’m thinking about changing the name of our camp to Art, Horses & Jesus Camp. Whatcha think?

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. You can follow me on instagram, twitter, and facebook for day to day peeks into the process of embracing the journey. Love and praying for you!


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